Needles and Threads of Ruxton

We run the gamut of designer needlepoint canvases with selections that we hope will appeal to everyone.

Please pardon our dust as we clear out old inventory and post new, before placing any order please call for current pricing and availability.

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Judy Greer once said "so many canvases - so little time," and that is our shop's philosophy too. Consequently, we live vicariously through our talented customers as they complete the many wonderful canvases that we too dream of stitching someday.

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March 2017
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Danji Designs

Do you have a friend who is in awe of your skill at Needlepoint? Has someone ever said to you, "can you teach me to do that"? This weekend we are introducing "Bring a Friend" this weekend. Bring a friend new to the craft and you both will receive 25% off your purchase, canvases, fibers, accessories. Percentage off Retail prices. This promotion will be a monthly event, the 1st Saturday of every Month.